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  • Who else but a woman Chaplain creates a system of dressing for professioanl clergy women and provides consulting in clergy fashion!.
  • Women of all denominations are welcome in Clergy Couture to express themselves through Clergy Apparel. Clergy Couture apparel is functional, made of natural fibers and affordable.
  • Clergy Couture develops two trends:    

         First trend is traditional clergy wear in basic traditional colors, which we improve by offering natural fiber materials and properly fitting cut.

          The second trend is innovative clergy wear, which is adapted for a busy clergy life-style.

  • A multi-purpose outfit can carry you through a whole day from being "on-duty" to being "off-duty".
  • By mixing and matching reversible pieces, you may create several looks with one Innovative garment.


  • Though We use non-traditional approach to styles and materials in Innovative line, we try to find balance between liturgical canon and Innovation  
  • Clergy Couture is here to enhance the elegance of "those preaching women."
  • Clergy Couture is also here for the Lady Justice of the Peace. Surely, we don't want you to outshine the bride. But you should shine anyway.


There is nothing like Clergy Couture on the open market.
You may reach us at contact@clergycouture.com

                All our garments are individually hand made with the finest quality fabrics.